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Hope On Wheels

Hope On Wheels, Helping Kids Fight Cancer Since 1998

Hyundai Hope on Wheels: Helping Children & Families Battle Childhood Cancer Since 1998!

The Hyundai Hope On Wheels Program is in its second decade of saving children and creating hope for the future. Join us to support this tremendous cause!

This year, Hyundai Hope on Wheels celebrates its 20-year anniversary. That means that Hyundai, in partnership with dealerships across America, has been helping to battle childhood cancer for two decades. The Hyundai Hope on Wheels mission statement is to save lives and create hope, and with over $130 million in donations awarded to groundbreaking research institutes across the country, the program has managed to do just that.


How Hyundai Creates Hope

The Hope on Wheels program has become one of the largest private funders of research into pediatric cancer. Childhood cancer cases make up only 1% of all cancer diagnoses, which means getting the proper medical help can be a burden on the family. As part of our message of spreading hope, Hyundai awards financial support to Children’s Oncology Group members, which is used to further specific fields of research into childhood cancer. The core mission of Hyundai Hope on Wheels has always been to find a cure for childhood cancer, one research grant at a time. The highly renowned Hyundai Hope on Wheels program aims to expand the knowledge base on pediatric cancer while simultaneously improving the standards of care. Our mission is to find a cure for childhood cancer one handprint at a time. Hyundai is so dedicated to this goal, that last year alone the corporation donated more than $15 million in research grants, ranging from $50 thousand to $1 million to institutions across the United States.


Hyundai Hope on Wheels Supports Discovery

In the world of pediatric cancer patients, nothing inspires a bigger feeling of hope, than the promise of discovery in new treatment methods and eventually, a cure. As part of our mission of creating hope, Hyundai supports the top minds in pediatric cancer research. These top-notch doctors and research scientists bring a human face to hope, putting something real and tangible in front of patients and their families. Some of the initiatives Hyundai Hope on Wheels are proud to support include: programs that work directly with child cancer patients, research on low-survival rate cancers, research that explores the underlying biology of childhood cancer, and research that furthers an institution’s core pursuit of hope. A rigorous scientific review panel of physicians selects the grant winner through a careful process of deliberation.


Hyundai Hope on Wheels is Fighting For Our Children

Hyundai is inspired to support pediatric cancer research because we know how devastating childhood cancer can be for patients and their families. Every day, 43 new families across the United States find out that their child has cancer. While the impact of this disease is devastating, there are reasons for hope each day. With modern scientific advancements, more than 80% of children with cancer survive. With the support of programs like Hyundai Hope on Wheels, member institutions of the Children’s Oncology Groups of America are working toward the day when no child ever dies from pediatric cancer. We all agree children deserve to learn, grow, and play in a world free of cancer. Hyundai is here to provide the hope that we will find a cure for pediatric cancer.

"Hyundai and its dealers have been committed to fighting childhood cancer since 1998. After visiting children's hospitals across the country and meeting thousands of extraordinary children affected by childhood cancer, we wanted to share their stories with our communities and customers," said John Krafcik, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor America. "Our goal is to raise more awareness of this issue than we ever have before to support the fight against this dreaded disease with the hope of seeing more children go on to live long, happy lives, free of cancer."

"As we've met numerous children, families, doctors and support teams that help kids fight cancer over the years, we've become more and more aware of how many different resources are needed to assist kids and families through cancer - from diagnosis through treatment and beyond," said Mike Kelly, Dealer Board Member, Hyundai Hope on Wheels Foundation and dealer owner of Mike Kelly Hyundai, Butler, PA. "Cutting edge medical research and educational, psychological and emotional support services are all crucial parts of cancer treatment for children and families, and Hyundai's initiative will support the people and organizations that are working directly with children and families fighting cancer."

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